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It is a sad time when any aircraft reaches the end of its serviceable life; most, if not all end up as scrap metal. At Dirty Bird Aero, we came up with an idea....why not find a way of salvaging parts and putting them back in the air working again? Eureka! Useful GA pilots clothing and the patented secure “Sunglasses Clip’’.

As a pilot myself, I am always looking for a safe place to put my sunglasses when not needed, usually on the dash or passenger seat and ultimately ending up on the floor! Now you never need to lose them again, be they sun or prescription, they can be safely hooked to the front of your shirt (caveat..some larger framed glasses with rubberised arms may have difficulty seating in the clip). And buttons, they are always useful right? So now you can own (and wear) a piece of aviation history!

A comfortable and stylish polo shirt with buttons and sunglasses clip made from a Panavia F3 Tornado, registration ZG-797 D-Desperation.

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